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Garage Door Repair Houston

When you need garage door repair Houston, call the experts in overhead garage doors. We service, fix, replace and install all makes and models of garage doors.

Does your garage door need repair? Does it stick or squeal every time you try to open it? Are the springs rusted and dangerous? Did your remote quit working even though you checked the batteries? (You did check the batteries right?!!)

No problem!! Call us and we can fix it for you today. Our techs are specialist garage door repair Houston experts, we travel all across the greater Houston area, and specialize in installing and repairing garage doors.

Fast and Reliable Service

Garage door repair Houston can repair broken springs, fix garage doors that have come off their tracks, eliminate those squeaky doors, replaced damaged garage door panels and solve all your remote operator problems.

Our Garage doors get a lot of use and wear and tear on a daily basis. They are constantly under attack from Mother Nature, opened and closed many times a day, and even utilized by the kids as a goal for soccer practice.

However, like most things in life, we simply take them for granted, and it is only when something goes wrong, that you understand just how vital this seemingly insignificant piece of equipment truly is.

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Secure Your Home

For many of us, your garage door is an entry point to your home, or in many cases an entry point to your Aladdin’s cave of treasures. If your garage door does not shut one day, then you instantly have a security risk.

Forcing the door shut is unlikely to solve the problem and may end up causing more damage. You might be able to secure the internal door access to your home but how well would you sleep at night knowing that your home and family are vulnerable?

We understand how vulnerable and worried you feel, and that is why we operate a 24/7 Garage door repair service in Houston. We aim to be at your premises as quickly as possible and being a locally based company we can usually be with you very quickly.

In most cases, garage door repair Houston will be able to fix the problem on site, but if a part is required, then we will ensure your premises are secure in the meantime.

Door Maintenance Services

While most people only make use of our services when disaster strikes, it can be quite an astute move to contact us when you first spot the signs that something might not be quite right with your garage door.

If you are beginning to hear squeaking or screeching as you open or close your garage door, this is probably an easy fix, provided you get in touch quickly.

Our garage door repair team in Houston will visit your premises and assess and repair the problem in most cases within the day.

By acting quickly and taking preventive action, you will ensure that minimum damage was caused and the repair should be relatively quick and cost effective.

Accidents Happen

We all lead busy lives, maybe you are running late, the kids are arguing in the back of the car, or something distracts you as you are entering or leaving your garage, and you end up hitting the garage door with your vehicle.

Hopefully, there will be no damage to your vehicle, but the garage door may have become misaligned, bent or dislodged from the rails. First and foremost, don’t panic, or be embarrassed, life happens, and we see this type of incident on an almost daily basis.

Our specialist team of experts can respond almost instantly and get to work on repairing the damage to your garage door.

Our aim is to remove the stress and pressure from the situation and complete the repair to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

We are confident in our repair teams who have many years of experience, and we have many testimonials complementing our Houston garage door repair services.

Electric Garage Door Repair Service

Being able to open your garage door remotely as you pull up on a wet and windy evening is a wonderful experience. But what happens when your equipment malfunctions or fails to operate?

Here at garage door repair Houston, our technicians are fully qualified and trained in resolving these type of issues. We can repair or replace the parts and with over 20 years of experience we have dealt with every situation you can imagine.

Planned Maintenance Programs

It is a fact of life that things will always go wrong at the worst possible time financially.

It’s Christmas Eve, the budget has been stretched to breaking point, you are due to fly somewhere to celebrate on Boxing Day, and suddenly your garage door starts to malfunction.

The last thing you need is an expensive repair bill but leaving the garage door wide open is obviously not an option. That is why we offer a planned maintenance program, which allows you to get professional and regular maintenance while spreading the cost over the year.

Give us a call today as you might be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable yearly costs to maintain your garage door.

Regular and scheduled maintenance will also prolong the life of your garage door, consequently saving you money in the long term.

At Garage Doors repair Houston our aim is to be the best Garage Door Repair company in the entire Houston area.

Our staff are not paid commission and are trained to find the best solution for our customer, as opposed to trying to sell an expensive solution to a problem.

We are determined to be your local, reliable and professional Garage Door repair company and we look forward to exceeding your expectations every time you call upon our services.

Family Run Local Business

Choosing a reputable garage door repair service in Houston Tx can be a difficult task. We are a family run local business and have been providing our services for over twenty years.

We have consistently grown our business year on year by word of mouth recommendations. Local businesses succeed or fail or their customer service and satisfaction ratings, and we are extremely proud of our 96% satisfaction rate.

We work extremely hard to minimize out expenditure, and we pass these savings onto our customers. That is why we can offer our lowest price guarantee – we will match or in most cases beat any written repair bid.

Our aim is your complete and utter satisfaction, we want to impress you with our service and price, and we are so confident in our work that we offer a one-year warranty on all our work.

These are some of the reasons why we believe that for all of your garage door repair services in Houston Tx including Sugarland and Katy we are the best company to call.